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The Cisco VPN and SSL AIM supports all three of these functions in hardware: SSL encryption in hardware, VPN IPsec encryption in hardware using either Data Encryption Standard (DES) or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and the IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPPCP) in hardware.

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The module itself is not controlled. U.S. regulations require the recording of names and addresses of recipients of DES and 3DES software.

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Confidentiality, Data Integrity, and Data Origin Authentication through IPSec.The Cisco ordering process for DES and 3DES software enforces these requirements.

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The Cisco VPN modules have been designed to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security.Customers are urged to consult with the Cisco account team and review all Cisco VPN solution design guides for greater detail on deployment options and scaling.

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Cisco recommends IPsec user to also review the Cisco Solution Design Guides for more specific information on scaling.

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Cisco Support Buy SMARTnet Online SMARTnet Overview SMARTnet Levels SMARTnet.The VPN Advanced Integration Module (AIM) for the 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers optimizes the Cisco.Cisco Integrated Services Routers together with the Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM and the Cisco IOS Advanced Security features offer a rich integrated package of routing, firewall, intrusion-protection, and VPN functions and are an integral component of the Cisco Self-Defending Network.The Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM supports the Cisco 1841 and the Cisco 2800, 3700, and 3800 Series.See product certifications by certification type for the current status of Cisco products certified for ICSA.

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Several versions of the Cisco ISR Routers are now being evaluated under the Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) and the Common Criteria.Maximum Number of Cisco IOS WebVPN SSL VPN Users with VPN and SSL AIM.

The Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM requires Cisco IOS Software Version 12.4(9)T or higher.Enter Your Email Address to receive monthly information on specials, promotions, events and announcements.Table 1 lists the VPN module hardware and features supported by each platform.The Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM fits in any open AIM slot in the Cisco Integrated Services Router.Cisco services help you protect your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare your network for applications to extend network intelligence and the power of your business.Easy Integration of VPN Modules into Existing Cisco 1841 and Cisco 2800, 3700, and 3800 Series Routers.Only the Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM supports Cisco IOS SSL VPN.

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Table 3 describes the benefits of the Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM features.The Cisco VPN and SSL AIM provides up to 40 percent better performance for IPsec VPN over the built-in IPsec encryption, and up to twice the performance for SSL VPN encryption.

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Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM provides hardware support for IPSec Layer 3 IPPCP and can compress a packet before encryption.All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which can.

Common Criteria is an international standard for evaluating IT security.VPN AIM for the Cisco 1841, 2800 and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers.IKE authenticates each peer in an IPSec transaction, negotiates security policy, and handles the exchange of session keys.It was developed by a consortium of countries to replace numerous existing country-specific security assessment processes and was intended to establish a single standard for international use.

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The VPN Advanced Integration Module AIM for the Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router and Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers optimizes the Cisco.AIM-VPN-SSL-2 Cisco Vpn Advanced Integration Module - Cryptographic Accelerator - Plug-In Module.

The IOS SSLVPN performance will vary based on which client is setup.

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The Cisco Systems website contains information on the full line of Cisco Systems.

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Table 2 describes the features supported by the Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM.Using only a Web browser, companies can extend their secure enterprise networks to any Internet-enabled location, including home computers, Internet kiosks, and wireless hotspots, thereby facilitating higher employee productivity and protecting corporate data while providing transient partner and consultant network access.

The Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN AIM uses Layer 3 IPPCP compression.When installed in a Cisco 1800 (modular), 2800, 3700, or 3800 Series router, the VPN module does not change the standards (Regulatory Compliance, Safety, EMC, Telecom, or Network Homologation) of the router itself.Currently, 14 countries officially recognize the Common Criteria.

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SSLVPN client users will have higher overall performance than the SSLVPN clientless setup, which will have slightly lower performance.

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