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Go ahead and sit in your golf carts and think the world will keep spinning.Thank you for visting our websites and we will respond to your questions when we can or when we feel like it.Thats our coverage on the last 7 or 8 terrorist attacks Till the next one, thank you for visiting our site and we will keeep building as we go along.The problem lyes deeply with the fact if all out war breaks out in the area that China will be run over with 10s of 1000s of people creating mass problems, food and so on.Jalabi has organized events and rallies in support of the Syrian revolution in NYC and Montreal.Our survivalist site is not a money maker at all just information and ideas to help you out.

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The unacceptable nature and magnitude of the crisis demands a common position and joint international action.And what has caused the moral fabric of society to be shreaded.

He serves as a Board member of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and is a founding member of the Democratic Network in the Arab World. Dr. Ghadbian is a signatory to the Damascus Declaration (2005), and was a founding member of the Syrian National Council (SNC).Understanding Gods Law and Natures Law and the reason for Lady Justice being blind.Meet the female Kurdish ( YPJ) fighters battling ISIL ( Story Photos On AJ link below).The following statement is from a splinter group in Warizistan in 2015.More to come as we finish building our website and still get information out in the spot light where it belongs.

The following vid was put together by United West.,from coverage from Channel 9 news here in Florida.People need to start rethinking what they are doing and excepting help from places they would not think of.He served on the Board of the Day After Project, a cooperative movement by members of the Syrian opposition to outline a plan to rebuild the country and end the Syrian conflict once Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power.Chinese FM this week offered assistance in mediating between the two regional rivals.The Joint Special Envoy will also keep the United Nations and the League of Arab States informed.

If your a God fearing man Or women, buy one and put it in your bug out bag.It is therefore essential that any settlement provides for clear and irreversible steps in the transition according to a fixed time frame.Washington State is now considering a nuke e-vac plan to save as many lives as they can.The website is a mess for now as we build behind the scences.

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Nothing wrong with trying to save up an ER fund of cash, and making a plan to have enough to survive for a month.

On 911 with in less then 24 hours a great bunch of people had trucks and heavy moving EQ ready to roll to NYC if needed.Well we are not sitting back, we covering everything going on in our world.All parties must re-commit themselves credibly to the six-point plan.

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With this being said, the charges from ICC is saying that it stems from from the 2011 Uprising which we will cover at some other point and time.Its been part of our history since the Revolution - to people during WW2 using Ration stamps to get some food and then the cold war.All fact not fiction.We got to visit with some people who had one in there home, that was built back when, very cool set up.The aspirations of the people of Syria have been clearly expressed by the wide range of Syrians consulted.We have two sites listed below which most of you all ready know.

The following are parts of our history and we are not picking or choosing, we simply stating facts about our country and faith, we took snips to give you a better understanding, and in hopes you read the rest of what our Founding Fathers wrote and not get lost in the wilderness in your studies.More on this story and struggle for the Holy City coming in the near future, we are just posting what is taking place as we get our stories together ( still building our site ).The Supreme Court is expected to deliver a verdict today on the validity of Section 66 A of Information and Technology Act 2000.

Reports are coming out that the International Crimnal Court wants him back behind bars.Al-Hayat media center presents A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.This will be on this site our NGA Site And Our Constitutionalist Political Party Site.We must use our voices to contact the politicians and legislators in our districts.Consider it Civil Defence on steroids.Or The return of the cold war either or welcome to the new age.The end of a controversial law seen as an infringement of freedom of speech online marks a big victory for Shreya Singhal, the young law student who first challenged it in the Supreme Court.

Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, has been declared unconstitutional.He was active in the Day After Project, a cooperative movement by members of the Syrian opposition to outline a plan to rebuild the country and end the Syrian conflict once Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power. Mr. Khalil was elected and served on the Boards of the Syrian Expatriates Organization and the Syrian Support Group.