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I had problems with workstations not auto registering in DNS.You are the one who pays, and they have to jump according to your wishes.

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It seems your DNS traffic is redirected by your ISP to their own.

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One things have to declare that, since my Router is turned from OpenWRT to DDWRT and then turned into Tomato.

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DHCP provided by this router to my internal devices, with resolving of device names (DNS).I have tried OpenWRT before and I have installed the WebGUI to help, you may refer to LuCI Essentials for setting up Web User Interface by LuCI.OpenWRT encrypted DNS lookup using multiple DNSCrypt servers.

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You do not use OpenDNS at all for your DNS queries. I.e. your DNS queries are not sent to OpenDNS.Hello BuddhaSkoota, Thanks for your post - was able to get it up and working.

The method is to call your ISP to get you out of DNS traffic redirection.When you use the dnscrypt-proxy, you need to remove them and use only, as I said above.

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Make sure your DNS is set to the Unlocator DNS and add the informations from your link to your answer, because if the site is offline, the answer will be useless.

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Some additional work will be required to specify which ip-address range should get the.lan.OpenWRT: Spinning up Authoritative DNS server. Openwrt includes vi test editor by default,. even if local resolution would not work.Up to this point, when you open your client computer such as Windows 7, open a browser, type in (your case), then you should see the OpenWRT interface in browser.After my first boot, I logged in and set my root password, so I used Luci to activate my Wi-Fi, and took me a little to figure out that I could bridge Wi-Fi with LAN to get access to the internet.

No internet access with VLAN using a Cisco SG300 switch. If it is setup as above and still not working,.If you still get this error, then try with: dnscrypt-proxy.exe --reinstall.

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Using DD-WRT for Local DNS and DHCP. I went through each and every step on this very well written tutorial and it is not working for me.It seems your DNS traffic is redirected by your ISP to their own DNS service.