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An internet speed test, or broadband speed test, tests your available bandwidth.Past tests will show up in this space, so start building your history.Find information about Uverse Speedtest which is going to sort out your problem of Uverse Speedtest in seconds, complete information about Uverse and Speedtest.

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This test does not piggy back a CDN (content delivery network) with an impressive list of cities but dodgy geo-location and shared servers.

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Test your download, upload and latency from a mobile phone up to optical fiber, and everything between.Ping is typically measured in milliseconds — the lower this value, the better.

We regularly log gigabit results from well connected research and corporate IP addresses using average PCs and browsers.All test servers are dedicated to testing, are monitored, and are capable of multiples of the bandwdth actually required.Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla.

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Speeds are quoted in megabits per second (1 million bits per second) or kilobits per second (1000 bits per second) of data.

All test servers are located OUTSIDE your ISP in amazon and google data centers, the same ones that netflix and youtube use.This can be limited by several factors including the distance to the test servers, the operating system in use, the traffic en-route, and of course any congestion or wiring problems close to your location.We collect data in order to present anonymized statistics but do NOT send it outside dslreports.com or to your ISP.

The broadband Internet speed test checks various aspects of your Internet connection, including download and upload speeds.They are currently capable of running from 300 megabit for the smaller servers to over 2 gigabit for the faster servers.

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For uploads, this process is reversed — your computer sends files to the server — but the results are reported the same way.Home Reviews How Charts Latest Speed Test Run Test Run Ping History Preferences Results Run Streams Servers Country Tools Intro FAQ Line Quality Smoke Ping Tweak Test Line Monitor Monitor Groups My IP is Whois Calculator Tool Points News News tip.

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Please wait for the test to finish, and do not switch browser tabs.It also represents the modern usage pattern: someone is streaming netflix, a console is downloading a game patch, a VOIP or Skype call is taking place.

It does a multiple stream download and upload to servers it determines may be closest to your location.Telecomfile provide full information about att uverse speed test along with videos and links help you to create your account easily with step by step guide.Internet Connection Speed tests come with values and parameters that are indicative of the quality of your.

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If it hangs under Windows, please temporarily disable any browser extentions or security software that is likely to be a culprit.Speed is the ultimate measure of quality for your Internet connection.A speed test checks the maximum speed of your connection to a remote server on the internet.

If you find windows add-ons that use excessive CPU during the test, or break the test, please please tell us about it.Our feedback forum is public, please use it to raise any concerns, or ask anything.

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Multi-stream testing overcomes the need for the speed test server to be physically very close to your location.Members can delete their tests and the data is actually, really, gone.Since the laws of physics dictate that the speed of light in a vacuum is about 186 miles per millisecond, one can calculate the absolute minimum latency for any point to point link.

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The traffic must have made an impression on them because a few years later the CEO quit to start. Ookla aka. speedtest.net.