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If you can visit a website by entering its IP address but cannot by entering its URL web address, you may need a new DNS service (see Resources).For example, you may have an old cookie stored on your computer that conflicts with recently updated site code.

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Basic Questions Before you try to fix connection problems, figure out under what conditions the websites refuse to load.

WEb pages won't load unless in https

It is very simple and I feel stupid for not realizing it earlier.In the progress bar, it would get about an eighth of the way complete and then.For example, try opening a problematic site in another browser.This article will show you how to fix the problem so you can get back to surfing the web.

Before you try to fix connection problems, figure out under what conditions the websites refuse to load.

I have tried updating everything and it still will not load properly.Disable all add-ons, including themes, plugins and extensions, in your browser and reload the website.

web pages won't load with microsoft edge or explorer even

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Hello, I have internet connection and all my other devices work fine except my pc laptop.

DNS problem, Web pages don't load properly or at all =S

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Internet service providers have their technical issues from time to time, but when something keeps recurring, you might have something wrong on your side.Asking yourself a few questions and performing some basic troubleshooting steps can reveal why some of your websites refuse to load and what you can do to re-establish connection to those sites.If the site loads, enable add-ons one at a time and reload the website to narrow down the problematic add-on.

However, old or corrupted data may prevent you from visiting certain websites.

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This is a tutorial showing you how to fix google chrome web pages wont load.How to Get a Better Connection on Skype Does Twitter Track Websites Visited.If you determine the problem is browser specific, try deleting cookies and other browser-specific data.The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

Win 10 Edge doesn't load web-pages by domain name

Websites show a spinning wheel and never finish. see JavaScript settings and preferences for interactive web pages.

Windows 8.1 Says is connected to the internet, but won't