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Gets a translated, access-checked menu link that is ready for rendering.Internal menu status code -- Menu item inaccessible because site is offline.Our own Bec White was the first to diagnose this bug after Greg Leroux first spotted it.It also gives the developer a way to keep track of which menu entries are pointing to where without having to syntactically keep track using some proprietary declaration.

Returns a string containing the path relative to the current index.Returns a renderable element for the primary and secondary tabs.All source code and documentation on this site is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 and later.

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And, yes, I am working with others on a proper patch for Drupal core.Returns an array of links to be rendered as the Secondary links.

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Populates the database tables used by various menu functions.

Localizes the router item title using t () or another callback.

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Gets the path for determining the active trail of the specified menu tree.I would like to hide the node title. but I would have thought this functionality is rather sinply and would have been built into Drupal 7. Main Menu. Drupal.Sorts the menu tree and recursively checks access for each item.

The found callback function is called with any arguments specified.

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Advertisements. Hide the broken icon when the is not yet loaded eureka.ykyuen.Change the title for the user pages so they make sense. (Learn more in the article Drupal 7,.Note that the number of elements in the path does not necessarily.How Menu block module helps ensure menus work properly in Drupal 7.How to use include files to improve performance and next steps. Description.

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Internal menu flag: Local task should be displayed in page context.

Returns the ancestors (and relevant placeholders) for any given path.Sets the path for determining the active trail of the specified menu tree.Internal menu flag -- menu item is the root of the menu tree.Sets the active trail (path to the menu tree root) of the current page.Define the navigation menus, and route page requests to code based on URLs.Drupal 7: Modifying menu title. I cannot access the menu title form either of those.

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The maximum depth of a menu links tree - matches the number of p columns.

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Its important to share your ideas, code and problems in an Open Source community.If you are facing the same situation in your Drupal site and want to know how to hide the title from. Main menu.

Retrieves contextual links for a path based on registered local tasks.After reviewing this API documentation, I went back into my menu to make some major adjustments.

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Then add other menu entries and point them around between parents.

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Menu type -- An action specific to the parent, usually rendered as a link.

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Menu Views (Drupal 7 only) Menu Views allows administrators to attach a view inside a menu item.That not only simplified the menu orientation from a coding perspective, but also seemed to adjust correctly on the navigation.There is not a workaround for production for this type of menu hook adjustment.Reserved key to identify the most specific menu link for a given path.