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But Mint is a slave to all the blockheaded systemd shit, just like almost everybody else.The latest LiveCD now contains the following startup applications (as well as blueman for Bluetooth management, as before). - Linux Mint 18.2 MATE - Install/Live DVD (64-bit)

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Touchpad and mouse sometimes stop working, have to wait for a minute or two.I did try all sorts to get it to work without the quirk, but to no avail.Since Linux Mint and Ubuntu are very stable and powerfull a lot of Windows users migrate to that OSes.Because without a connection, it will fail to download the grub package, and thus fail with the message.Linux is a great operating system that can support a massive amount of hardware.A tutorial database, for users to write and host tutorials about Linux Mint. For support, please use the forums instead.

And you can try basically everything out from the LiveCD experience as all of the patches and touchscreen utilities are included by default.I managed to find this Pro 1 for quite a reasonable price, thinking I would only use Windows on it, but this seems too tempting not to try, if anything, just for the cool factor alone.This is a discussion on Linux Mint within the Linux Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category.Which is why there may be something like 300 million users of Windows XP still.Distro-hopped for a while, but nothing ever seemed stable and user-friendly.

Be sure to set -systemd in your make.conf, otherwise it will slowly creep into your system.I hope it will keep working properly as It did not work properly for me.

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When going to your beta bfs header folder the newest ones available are 4.3.0-5-generic.The name conflict with electronics modeling software is dumb.

However there is a screen flicker more frequently than before, but bearable.Obtain driver support for Linux OS from a website outside of HP Customer Support.PPA makes it easy to install Hauppauge TV tuners with Ubuntu.Linux Mint 17.1 Lenovo y50-70, installing/getting GTX860M to work with nvidia drivers. This is for a fresh install of Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca).The beta LiveCD and compiled debs are now up to reflect the changes.

Have to totally purge remove FGLRX resintall xorg for it to work again.A few are amalgamated, and there may be slight amends, which were necessary to prevent problems with fuzzes (or worse, rejections) during the patching process.Good question about the touchpad, I guess it depends on the multitouch support.Linux Mint is a Linux distribution that is growing rapidly in popularity, thanks in large part to its ease-of-use and simplistic.If only it were possible to backport the i915 changes from 4.4-rc8, which I have found to be much less stable.Seriously I and I am sure many others are sick of the whining here.When it has worked though, Youtube seemed to run much better, however I was getting screen flicker.

I took nomodeset out though and have been rolling the dice to try and boot into normal mode so I can play around some.I believe one of the underlying reasons for adopting systemd in non-Red Hat distros was that Gnome3 added hooks to systemd for session management. (and followed by KDE, iirc).Is accusing me of being a shill your way of covering up the fact that people like you just hate (even modern) Microsoft on sheer principal regardless of the particular topic.No officially sanctioned malware from the Mint developers will infect your Mint 17.2 box and force upgrade your computer to Mint 18 when you step away for coffee.Even if systemd were perfect the decision to be totally dependent on it is a mistake.

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I recalling messing around with Linux on this thing a while ago and had issues getting grub to show up.As of 2014 there had been two Linux Mint releases per year, about one month after the Ubuntu releases they were based on.Surface 3 (non Pro): although I have included kernel patches for the S3 (mostly the drm-intel changes, as these are required to actually boot), again support is limited.With Windows security problems such as WannaCry, people are starting to explore.If i do that I never see the grub and it just boots right into windows.

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Mint and Ubuntu are often heralded as the best distro for both types of beginner.

Not that it should matter really, as the Marvell drivers and firmware are the same I believe.Sure you have things like WINE but it only exists through tons of effort and still only works half the time.Yesterday my screen just decided to be up side odwn. and my terminal was invisible.

Should Linux Mint be the default distro for Dell and System76 computers.Now I will try your livecd on the SP4 to see if it works better.

I use that a lot for diskless installs (all of my machines are diskless) from local cache which are automatically at the latest package version.Follow Slashdot blog updates by subscribing to our blog RSS feed.The mkdir command may fail if it already exists, you can safely ignore that.Thanks. (Please update on this thread if there is any changes:)).It seems that the preliminary support is still causing issues.I added a workaround for this by adding Onboard to its own group within the Touchegg GUI, and making single-tap do nothing for that group.

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Because I keep going back to windows I keep forgetting everything about linux.