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The following are public DNS servers available for free use at the time of this writing. To change to use the public Google DNS servers,.

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If you want more than two then you will need to find another solution.This means that changing the external DNS servers at the router will affect all devices connecting to it using DHCP.

Google has good instructions for both changing and then testing the new configuration.

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Using Public DNS to Improve Network Connectivity. Larger public DNS servers tend to have larger caches and.If your ISP is small then definitely look for a DNS server with a larger database.Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have automatic configuration of some sort so the DNS servers are defined automatically.OpenDNS Umbrella blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app, and also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage.If you have had a similar experience then you should consider becoming a reviewer too.

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Hi Richard - i am not sure what you mean by modifying the GPO to use a Public DNS Name instead of Public IP.

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The programs described in How to Find the Best DNS Server will tell you what your DNS servers are.Likewise Public DNS Server Tool is too limited to be recommended.

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Top 10 Best Public DNS Servers You Must Know. To use Google Public DNS servers,.

If you want to know more then go to the next section Changing your DNS configuration for further resources.How to Change DNS Server. Internet name server, DNS Helper, Public DNS.

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Category filtering for parental controls is provided by OpenDNS and others.

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Gartner is at the forefront of helping customers develop strategies for tackling malware, including ransomware.Your network connection could be down or malware could have changed your configuration (e.g. by setting your network connection to use a proxy server).Most DNS servers are available near enough to 100% of the time.The problem with this is that cheap home routers can cause problems.

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Public DNS servers as the primary and secondary servers,. do not change it. 5. In the DNS servers field,.The router receives a reply from a public DNS server and sends.Just be aware that some routers lockup or crash if you run these tests.

By default it only includes public DNS servers in its database.If you change DNS servers while in a Windows session it will not update the DNS server IPs to restore until you start a new session.Changing your DNS settings on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux. Changing your DNS settings on Windows RT.Some DNS servers provide additional features such as the filtering of web addresses to improve security.