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With one-click torrenting protection, PureVPN offers instant anonymity to users who want to download torrents without getting caught.Most VPN providers choose to skirt past the subject but our detailed PureVPN review showed that it has a separate set of web-pages for this purpose.Even more, customer satisfaction is at number one priority in PureVPN.In addition, the support tickets can also be used to request assistance for corporate plans and reseller support.

This protocol is currently available in the UK and is more secured than other protocols.

Once the process has been completed, you will receive an email on your VPN login credentials.Then there were some users who were disappointed with the services of PureVPN.Thus, we suggest iOS users to equip themselves with PureVPN iOS app and experience the internet like never before.

I decided to terminate my account after that message, which was within 24 hours of opening it, and here it is 10 days later and no refund despite the claim that they will give a full refund within 7 days of opening an account.Compatibility of PureVPN for different Platforms PureVPN offers tutorials to setup the VPN service on Windows, Mac, Linux, HP Web OS, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Routers and Boxee Box.Also, when I had tried to download a torrent from YIFY using purevpn, I faced sluggish network speed and it took hours to download a 782 MB movie file.The download speeds are moderate but I figure a bit of tweaking with the software and a little bit of nagging with the tech support should bring about an improvement.PureVPN is a Hong Kong based provider that began offering services in 2007.Ian Wright, Security Advisor at Information Security (2010-present) Answered 2h ago.The writer has done justice to the PureVPN service review and it really gives you a complete picture of how the service works.PureVPN Internet Kill Switch The PureVPN Internet Kill Switch has been designed to ensure uncompromising security.Streaming anything in that browser will give you a 20Mbps speed boost.

The setup instructions are great and explained in detail with screen-shots available for most tutorials.Once the Internet Kill Switch identifies that you have reconnected to the PureVPN server, it unpauses your internet data traffic.

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It boasts over 1 million customers, with hundreds of servers in over 140 countries, across.Considering the risks and threats to torrenters, PureVPN is the safest and most economical solution for safe torrenting.

Thousands of favorite TV shows, movies, games, documentaries, songs and hit videos can be found on torrent sites.The image below shows how you can activate the NAT Firewall Add-on during check-out from the PureVPN website.

Similarly, there are devices such as gaming consoles and set-top-boxes, on which you cannot configure a VPN directly.After analyzing the service features of provider, we have uncovered the benefits and perks of using PureVPN for torrenting.

However, our user-experience turned out to be a little different.Besides this flaw, the service without any doubt offers remarkable performance and features like internet kill switch, dedicated IP and much more.For our PureVPN review, we tested the app and found that it protects their devices against all sorts of hackers and malware, while allowing them access endless blocked websites and channels.You can read on to find out the details about these discontinued addons. 1) SmartDNS SmartDNS addon is no longer available for new users.

Cannot connect to their servers but they claim I used up over 3GB of data.I suggest you follow the same approach for the sake of your own safety.In addition, you will be able to access tons of geo-restricted sites and services on your android devices from anywhere in the world.Some users appreciated the quick response by the PureVPN officials and were appreciative of the fact that their issue was resolved within 48 hours.Military grade encryption, Blazing fast speed, 100% anonymity, Reliable security and Very-affordable packages are some of the benefits you get by using Pure VPN.With the new Windows Dialer, the users can personalize the VPN client depending upon what purpose they are using it for.

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We are also keeping our customers updated every minute through our Twitter channel.

However, this can be a result of insufficient cache space on your device.

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There is only one PureVPN package on offer - it comes with a huge variety of endpoints to hide behind, and allows you to consume as much data as you want.One of the most important enhancements that have been made includes reducing your RAM consumption to ensure your device functions normally when you are running PureVPN Windows in the background Having discussed the various features of PureVPN Windows Dialer, we are going to share some pictures on the new PureVPN Windows Dialer that looks absolutely stunning to the eyes.

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PureVPN Windows Dialer With major changes made to the Windows dialer of PureVPN, the new PureVPN app for Windows looks terrific and absolutely mesmerizing to the eyes.Clearly PureVPN chose to exaggerate the VPN connection possibilities a little.