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I am assuming if I were to buy a retail youview box, I could run this in one room whilst keeping my BT Vision box in another room without issue.The 3rd and 5th ones are with Infinity broadband and if you check the cost breakdown it says you get the Essential TV free for 12 months.As I say, I have a retail box with infinity and registered for BT Sport some months ago.Hire the top Billion 7800n vpn setup Freelancers, or work on the latest Billion 7800n vpn setup Jobs.I understand you can only get BT Sport via Youview if you have Infinity I have Youview box over copper BB with excellent download speeds as I am near exchange Any plans to enable BT sport over copper on YouView.

Selecting BT Sport or BT on-demand content takes me to subscription pages.

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Are the extra channels to be made available to Youview subscribers this summer along with BT Sport, or will they arrive at a later date.

Great service but getting the lines joined up and depts to talk to one another can be a nightmare.Or so i thought phoned this morning only to be told no you cant get sports for free with the youview box unless you take out subscription.

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And if so, could it affect users obtaining the BT Sports package.Can anyone tell me when is bt sport is coming to to the youview boxs.Evening All,Been on BT Infinity 1 for about 15 months with no real problems regarding the Youview box but a fault developed with the Internet connection 13 days ago, no internet or internet channels.I have a BT-supplied Youview box, Infinity installed last Saturday, and sports channels activated.

After a quick reboot everything should work fine (providing its active on your account).You can click the white star next to this message if you think it was helpful.Sufficient line quality and speed (min 5.25 Mbps for existing customers and 6.5 Mbps for new customers) required.

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I have search on the forums and cannot find an answer to my questions regarding the announced extra channels that BT are to make available (MTV, Discovery, FX etc.).Apart from this I am very pleased with the performance and particularly the YouView box.There are some others with the same problem see here - post.

Stuck in VPN. by. The provider is Unblock-Us, who provided an excellent service, and have been very helpful.It only took 10 mins to set up and I love the HD channels BBC, ITV, CH 4.The BT Vision part as expected still leaves a lot to be desired but it was my choice to carry on with unlimited as my family use it.You wouldnt be able to use the PS3 browser as it doesnt support Silverlight.Told all varients of answersfinally Tech Help said I could watch limited HD on Youview, Itried to sign for the system to say no.

Users will only be shown IP Channels which could be available to them at that pointin time and empty LCNs will be hidden so that gaps between the LCNs of available channelswill be closed.You can only receive the BT sport tv channels on Youview with a BT TV subscription.So theoretically I could have a BT Vision and BT Youview box at the same time but it would cause issues with the BT specific content.BT is a company that seems to have zero requirement for its staff to speak politely, have any ability to do their job or even know about the products they sell.Wholesaling the channels to Sky destroys that entire strategy.DB:4.52:Getting Bt Sport On My Privately Purchased Youview. zx.

After reading a few posts about being able to keep my youview box after ending the contract I was wondering what I will still be able to use my youview box for.From August 2013 this content will include BT Sport 1 and 2 and ESPN.Please make sure the remote LAN use a different range of IP address to the Billion Router. to the Packet Filter List to unblock the. 7800N PPTP Set Up.I would guess that most retail boxes have not had that service added.Blocking Public DNS: Billion Router This is a guide for setting up static routes on your Billion router.However, when I try to load the sports channels, I only get a test card.

I know it says on the website that you need Infinity, but I can get 6mbs and can stream HD iplayer easily.

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Fault was rectified 10 days ago but since then the Youview box has been playing up.Previously bridging with my Billion 7800n I had no issues of this type.My switch and wiring have not changed. I set up unblock-us (change DNS).

You will get a different ISP profile because you are changing internet provider - the current Humax (retail) software is compatible with the ISP channels and BT player so were you to take a BT TV package they would function.During numerous calls to BT trying to get Sport and sort out a billing issue nothing was said about this being an issue.

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I was told about a month ago that this would happen by two support staff but they seemed vague and one person said it will not and have to have Infinity.You can enhance your wireless security by enable the wireless mac filter feature.I have just had my infinity broadband and youview boxes installed, I know that the tv activation can be 24hrs but has anyone had it quicker than this.We know that BT are looking into alternatives to BT Sport via DTT for ADSL customers.

You will then get BT Sport on your TV through the box, ability to record, plus extras.Because if you can not get it then this is clearly a case of miss selling.Hi all I recently signed up to BT infinity 1 with BT TV and BT sport.

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Does it take upto 24hrs for the channels to come through or should it be straight away.

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Unless you only have copper broadband in which case unfortunately even that box will be no use (or any other as you need a subscription to recieve it).I am going to enable BT Sport on Sky Box but we are in line to get Infinity later this year (cabinet already installed).

Will BT ever come up with a fix around so thast the likes of me that have a YouView reteil box and BT Infinity 2 with thre BT Vision Player Unlimitedwill get BT sports on the retail YouView box.DB:3.52:When Will Us With Retail Youview Boxes Be Able To. zk.I thought this would be more suitable, so I rang BT and asked to be switched.Since TV, however, it Infinity is dropping connection at least once every day.

But I would like to see an app for Xbox 360 and the PS3 (and their soon to be launched replacements).Subscribed to BT Sport long ago, but other problems watching as a non-Infinity customer, but registered for on-line and app access.

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IPVanish is the best VPN service provider offering secure access and high speeds.I have good connection speed through my infinity 2 plan and have reset the youview box, which has done nothing to help the problem.At that time I also got a package from BT called BT Vision Player Unlimited.