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The Android operating system runs faster than I would have expected on the Nook Color, given that the device uses an 800 MHz processor.Jolla Tablet could get cellular connectivity as money pours in.Long story short: if even one person gained some insight about the Nook Color as a tablet vs. alternatives, my time and effort was well spent.Copied and pasted your reply into Evernote, where I thumb typed my original post and am now creating my reply.Turn your Nook Color into a full Android tablet the safe and easy way.

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One thing to note: Unlike with the N2A cards, which let you go back to the standard Nook OS just by removing the card from the slot, your Nook Color will remain.Especially considering a wifi only version is a slightly improved nook, rooted with custom rom.

My purchase was meant to simply review the device and share thoughts so that others could learn about the different alternatives and make their own purchase decisions. Customer Reviews: NOOKANDROID - 8GB Nook to

As far as shortcomings, no hardware buttons is a small bummer, but you get used to it very quickly.

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Refine your search for nook to android tablet. Refine. more Format.Welcome to NOOK Audiobooks for Android tablets and smartphones.

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Newsletters All Writers Log In to ZDNET Join ZDNet About ZDNet Manage Profile Newsletters Author Alerts Recent Activity Log Out.If you are savvy enough to do half the stuff mentioned here you can easily get this going in a few minutes.

My hope was to find an article about what someone could do with the Nook Color and the tools available for it WITHOUT hacking it.We found this article that shows how to use Hulu on the Nook.

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If I had more time before having to return the Nook Color, I surely would have ventured down this custom ROM avenue.

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Android tablets are fascinating and are very useful and the apps it provides outreach the numerous possibilities.

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Current Nook Color owners may want to consider taking the Gingerbread plunge by following these steps, however.A 7-inch (18 cm) tablet with multitouch touchscreen input, it is the first device in.Sorry, Are U Informed, but even rooted, the Nook Color is not a solution for the general public.

That said, if you need to do real work on the go, obviously a laptop.How to install Android Honeycomb on a NOOK Color to turn it into a cheap Android tablet. How To Turn Your NOOK Color Into An Android Tablet Share.Want to turn your Nook Color tablet into a dual-boot Android.

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Custom operating systems, such as the CynaogenMod 7 used in the video demo, can be tweaked for improved performance.The company just announced the availability of KitKat for the Nook Color.Microsoft releases new Outlook for iOS and Android: Redesigned conversations and account switcher.

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But Android to me still seems a little rough around the edges.Who cares what category it is in (ereader versus tablet), it is just another toy to play with.

How to Hack Your Nook Color into a Full (But Cheap) Android Tablet.Such software tweaks show the meager Nook Color hardware is quite capable.CM7 on the Nook Color may someday work as seamlessly as the GTab, but it will never add physical buttons or GPS.This is pretty much all I use my NookColor for.:) Gingerbread runs great on it — you can do Honeycomb as well, but with the tablet tweaks, Gingerbread and Cynaogen seemed better to me.That said, the nook is pretty much unbrickable, so even noobs get to play in a safe environment.You can see in the video, however, that software workarounds can resolve most such issues.Btw, video works pretty good for me, though, that is somewhat recent development.

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The Android community, however, offers a different perspective, thanks to efforts that turn the Nook Color into a full-time tablet that can double as an e-reader.That is why it is optimized for reading, sold by arguably the largest retail-based bookstore in the world and allows easy access to purchase books.