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Although Astrill also offer VPN routers and business packages, here we concentrate on their personal VPN services.Astrill logs and monitor everything user do (IP address, visited url, page, script run, chat etc).If you want a quality VPN, this provider will not disappoint.Http requests are logged on all servers and that data is kept for a minimum of three months. Always. When I asked about this discrepancy between what they say publicly and what they do privately I was told we would do whatever it takes to run the company (even if that includes deceiving the customers).If you want to connect to any 5 devices at same time, you can buy Home plan addon which will allow you to do so, It also costs 5USD per month on top of basic membership.

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We hope that you will let us know the details of the issue so that you can get the proper service from Astrill VPN which you deserve.Covers Pricing, customer support, systems, speed, and other key metrics.Yup their are few issues right now like IOS app is not working. but i hope that they will resolve this issue soon.

OpenWeb, however, L2TP is an older technology, which explains some of the difference.Astrill VPN has been one of the leading VPN services, offering both personal and business VPN services since 2009.They are overpriced, have unreliable service, and one of the worst customer service departments I have dealt with in a while.Save big on your Astrill account, or enjoy a free trial offer.I left it after the first year, but then switched back when China cracked down on VPNs as my other one.We will investigate further and update this article if needed.

It was for short period of time and now Astrill VPN works fine now even in countries with high censorship like China.We also have Astrill website which you can access even in China.As you can see, this was an amazing result, actually reporting a download speed 0.01Mbps.The connection process took almost a minute to complete, but once we were connected, we were able to confirm our UK-based IP address and perform a speed test.

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I use it all the time to access bbc in the uk and netflix offerings in other countries and it aways works.When connecting, the speed reduces drastically and many sites do not open.Thus Astrill service was always accessible to you and never restricted by us, but by your ISP.

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I told them the error and they responded within an hour that the version i was using was outdated.As you are our valuable customer we are offering you 15% discount.

We were then told that a verification code would be sent to the phone number we provided.Astrill VPN aims to provide restricted free VPN service even in countries with high censorship like China.

I have used Astrill for years and the past 2 years the service and support has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.After 1 year of existence, Astrill is expanding to USA and EU markets and today Astrill is the leader in the global Personal VPN market.

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I should mention that previously I also had problems with Astrill when China started aggressively blocking VPNs last year.First off, Astrill offers one of the widest selections of VPN protocols we have ever seen from a single provider.Further exploration of the Astrill website revealed a plethora of additional support options.I get full speed and I am on 200mbps and no problems here in the UK.

They offer a phone number so you can actually speak with a human being, a ticketing system, an online chat service, a support email address, and a knowledgebase.All of the packages on offer provide unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.We keep offering various discounts from time to time.You can visit our Twitter page for checking on discounts from this link.

The only slight hitch we experienced was the occasional need to restart our browser between connections, but this cannot be blamed on the software.Their prices are reasonable, but maybe a little more costly due to the add-on features.Next, we spent a short while investigating the settings available to us.We decided to change to protocol to OpenVPN and try connecting to a server in the UK.

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In the end, this is definitely one of the better VPN services.

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We provide multiple options for multiple devices connectivity so that you can select any option that suits you the best.If you face any issues in accessing the above link, you can contact our live chat support so that they can check the issue and you will be able to check your IP anytime you want to ensure that you are connected to Astrill VPN fine.

Their service is really reliable, been connected to vpn for 48 hours so far, no stop and great speeds.

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Astrill offer a comprehensive selection of VPN options, ranging from personal VPN services, on which we concentrate in this review, to dedicated VPN routers and business VPN solutions.If you are a heavy-duty Internet user I would think twice about using Astrill.

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They offer rock star level support and their software is very reliable.

Well, I am very satisfied for now, many possible setting without being complicated, easy to use.We were impressed that we were able to activate our trial without providing payment details up front, something many providers insist on.Next, we connected to our geographically-closest server, one in France, via OpenVPN, and performed a second speed test.We give our best effort to provide the service in countries with high censorship like China.Like many service providers in this market, they offer subscriptions for multiple lengths of time and discount their service when you make a longer commitment.Support and documentation is great too, so this service could suit novices and enthusiasts alike.