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Full Review Rich Nazzaro September 17, 2015 Random Contact Merges Will randomly merge two separate contacts.HOW ARE YOU. how to speak japanese, hello in french, thank you in french, how are you in french, hello in italian,.It would be simpler if Facebook would allow people to sync to Facebook contacts to their phone contacts like they used to.Here are just a few ways your Google Assistant can help in Google Allo: Make plans with friends.Instead, it only functions for people already in my phonebook.Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped noticed today that Google announced that it will be shuttering its Hello photo sharing and chat application next week.Use Zoner Antivirus As Your Blocker of choice to block people not in your android contact instead of Hello if you want only contacts to contac t you.

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I put the number in the Google search box and it showed me the info for that number in the first link Full Review Randall Colitz November 15, 2015 I try to use it instead of the contacts app.

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Full Review Rachel Taylor March 24, 2016 A person was lift my information my cookies from my phone I use this to block numbers.I had many people using fake numbers.Global Investment Funding Company is willing to offer you the.It is switching my Location on ahnd reactivating location on ust two seconds after I switch it off.Answer cards cannot be disabled and do not work with stock answer card.

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Well I started the Year out Right with January, but then came February and the stuff hit the fan and broke it all to pieces.Upon opening the app it will just show the app icon with a blue background for about 10 seconds then let you make calls.Full Review Rebecca Peterson September 26, 2015 Works well I like that I can create a Google contact by editing what is shared from the Facebook data.Even though it is set as the default dialer on my Samsung Galaxy S6, my old dialer app is answering calls.

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More syncing options with your Contacts accounts would be nice.

The card is fast to load and gives all the info about the person contacting you.I wish it would pull more than just contact info, I would really like to be able to add birthdays and possibly anniversaries.If they resolved the conflicts with the stock dialer and toned back the notifications then the rating would be a solid 4.5. Tim Kubat Does not block.especially scammers.The number matches the blocked phone number that called 2 weeks ago.If this could be done, I could easily knock out three or four of my other apps.The one improvement I want is to not get notified at all that a blocked number has attempted to called me.

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Full Review hemanth chinni September 4, 2015 Very basic and badly implemented Cannot assign speed dial to contacts.

Tech giant Google on Monday introduced Hindi language capabilities in its messaging app, Google Allo.Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on PEOPLE.com. close. Subscribe.Hello Friends,How are you doing,Are you honestly interested in receiving a loan from a private firm.

Reach milestones, unlock rewards, and add layers of fun to your social connections as you venture through hello.Super Simple Learning on Twitter Super Simple Learning on Facebook Super Simple Learning on Google Plus Super Simple Learning on.Full Review Dele Ikeorha December 26, 2016 Auto Switching my Location - RED CARD FLAG This app is invading my privacy.I tried my neighborhood public library phone number and it did not find it.Full Review Dave Contarino June 10, 2017 Good idea in concept but does not work.

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Micah Goldstein Useless I set this to only show up for people NOT in my phonebook.

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Full Review Michael Burke February 29, 2016 So my thought is I might start using Hello and messenger as my default Dialer and SMS apps but Messenger Needs the SMS Functionality back before I can do that Full Review Sammy Presley February 21, 2017 This app does REJECT CALLS set to be Blocked to your Voicemail.

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