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How To Troubleshoot WiFi Connectivity Issue on iPhone. your iPhone is not connected to the internet.If that happens to you, the first fix to try is restoring your iPhone in iTunes.Such issues might be related to the DNS server of your Internet.I had a year-old iPhone 3GS that suddenly began losing power rapidly.

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My IPhone 6 cellular service still won. and have had a problem connecting to cellular network ever.

By David Payette on March 13, 2015 Messages. Check Your Internet Connection.

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Hey guyzzz there is internet problem with my iphone 4s its wifi works but.Make sure to sync the phone to iTunes before you restore it so as not to lose any music, movies, or apps on your device.

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Learn how to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, including open, secure, and hidden networks. Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Got a new iPhone (iPhone 6S for example), and wanna connect the iPhone to the Internet for browsing news, checking emails and more.

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In troubleshooting with the internet provider, we tested the ping for, which didn't work,...

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If your iPhone is verified, but cannot connect to the server, there could be a problem with your user credentials or your Internet connection. Find out.Touch the right-pointing arrow next to the network name, and on the next screen choose Forget this Network.

I could leave it plugged in for hours, but the battery would charge only partially.If you are still having problems connecting to the Internet after verifying your router is working by getting on the.When I use my iPhone connected to 3G. to the 3G connection and not my.

If your carrier allows it, you can turn your iPhone into a personal internet hotspot.After that disappears, continue holding both buttons until you see the silver Apple icon.Note that you may need to reenter any network passwords you had saved in the phone.

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Is your iPhone suffering from poor battery life, a frozen touchscreen, or an inability to connect to the Internet.If your iPhone charges this way but seems to run out of power very quickly, use iTunes to check for a more recent version of the iOS software.

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If nothing else works, take your iPhone to an Apple store for repair: Its Wi-Fi antenna could be failing.If your iPhone or iPad is saying PDP Authentication Failure when you try to access the Internet and you have already configured the APN, please follow the steps below.

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How To Troubleshoot WiFi Connectivity Issue on iPhone

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Connect it to the charger, wait a while, and try to turn it on again.