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Support Forum. However, this phenomenon occurs every time I click a video.

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Set Windows Media Player as Default Step Close down the Internet browser.

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Uploading to Facebook from a mobile phone or device is an easy way to share videos instantly with your friends and connections.

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Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: youtube, video, wont load, buffering, doesnt load, endless buffering.I have ran in to the same problem with uploading videos, and out of no where a video or 30 wont upload.I was using the Netflix app extensively until it stopped working yesterday.

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Compartir y conectar. Videos. my video is one minute forty eight seconds long and it wont load on my timeline.

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Maybe a few seconds of the video will load and then it will stop to buffer.

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I went to add a video, chose the video, title, and description, then I let it load, and I.Also, if you use Internet Explorer as your browser, sometimes third-party viewers will cause issues viewing online videos until you set your default viewer as Windows Media Player.