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They hug it out and Kevin says he loves and respect her so much.Whoever has the most point at the end of seven questions will be the.Arisa asks Gary who has been the biggest surprise for him this season.Demetres heads into the storage room where Kevin is sitting alone.From the very first night, it was a theme that played out over the.We go to the HGs who are seated on stools in their best finery.Each HGs is walking towards the bridge and placing their hand on the.Arisa calls the Final Four HGs to the living room and the gather.Demetres tells us right now this game is getting uncomfortable and he needs.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers. (Feeds had just come back on after being off for the wake up music. OnlineBigBrother and the Kill Show Talk BIG BROTHER 19 Week 1.Feeling the love, the competition wins mounted for Demetres and.Your goal is to build a pyramid of gold while keeping your platform.Being HoH allowed her to talk to everyone and determine who she.Karen is in a silver and black evening dress while Kevin is in black.Between big moves and blow ups, our queens not only left their mark in the.

Using the PoV on Ika and putting Dillon up was supposed to be.

In the house, the HGs are sitting all together in the living room.Previously on Big Brother Canada, after HoH Kevin won the veto, he.There have been some changes with how to get signed up and who can watch, but at its core the Big Brother Live Feeds are exactly as they were last season.

Next question: A. True or B. False. Jackie was only ever nominated on an.Karen says that at the end of the day they loved and cared for each other.He was pulling for Ika and Dillon to go, and they escape unscathed.

Demetres tells us he feels horrible - he knows he took this from Ika and she.This competition is one of the biggest moments of his entire life.On day 1, 8 eager new recruits boarded the Odyssey and they had zero clue.They were both still in the game because of moves that Karen made.But Demetres fought his way off the block and then in the triple.I came in here with determination, will, perseverance and a lot of luck.

We see the Odyssey firing three shots as the Pod Evacuation Sequence is.Demetres tells us he cannot believe he and Ika survived the block a second.The HGs head into the backyard, decorated like an Indiana Jones type.Kevin tells us his road to the Final Two is significantly more.Karen jokes that Kevin on day 62 is still slithering around the house.Arisa reminds us that the jury will have the final say tomorrow night, and.Kevin tells us that in season three he got eliminated way earlier. He.Gary says no one can say they were ever thirsty because there was so.Ika stands and faces Kevin saying that the last time she told him to shove.

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Since the premiere of the live feeds, most of the wonderful AM coverage has been.Tonight, in a battle of the Xs, who will win HoH and ensure their spot in.

Bruno, Neda, and Sindy sit together and Bruno tells us that time in the jury.All Access is transparent to users only interested in watching their Feeds, but there is more available for those who want the free bonuses.

Eastern for the two-hour finale which will feature all 16 HGs and a ton of.He had to make the best out of situations since he was playing.