What is a tomato router

Static Routing Table: Allows you to add static routing entries if you have more than 1 router on your network.Fragmentation Threshold: Sets the maximum packet size in bytes before fragmenting it into multiple packets.Displays the current encryption algorithm used for wireless communications.SSH tunneling with Tomato. Pasted the public key on my laptop into my Tomato router. 5) Created a file on my desktop and called it whatever.Trigger Connect On Demand: If checked, the router will force a connection as needed to update time.Allow Multicast: If checked, the router will allow multicast packets to reach the LAN.In computer networking, routers join two networks together. What Is a Router for Computer Networks.

Tomato QoS settings on your VoIP router.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a protocol used by networked computers (clients) to obtain IP addresses.

SSH tunneling with Tomato – Hi, Rahim

Enable any desired Custom dialog first before enabling Reboot or Reconnect.

The default of means that anything starting in the first three numbers as the router (default 192.168.1.x) is assumed to be on the Local Network.This means that changes are temporary, and will not persist beyond the next reboot of the router.If unchecked, LAN devices can only contact other LAN devices via their local IP addresses.While a decent basic security measure, understand that all MAC addresses are transmitted in cleartext, and may be intercepted.

Each provider requires establishment of an account, and compliance with their terms of use, before accessing their service.Since this is a single band router (2.4GHz only), we need only to configure one wireless broadcast.The following is a listing of all of the available menu options in the Tomato GUI, and their functions.If you have a high-priority service (such as VoIP) and a low-priority one (such as P2P), your best bet is to set this to MEDIUM or LOW, then try to classify all of your high priority stuff above this classification, and your low priority stuff below it.Note: QoS works by having fixed maximum inbound and outbound bandwidths, and then allocating that bandwidth based on packet priorities.Most of the remaining settings would generally be used pretty rarely, and are probably present for adjustment by advanced users who might need to tweak their network settings.

Displays the MAC address assigned to the Wireless radio on the router.Local Access: Determines whether and how the router may be accessed from a web browser on a local computer (a computer attached to the router, or attached to a switch or hub attached to the router).

Enable at Startup: Specifies whether the Telnet daemon is enabled when the router starts up.You inevitably will have many devices connected to your LAN all using the same internet connection.This allows you to limit the overall amount of data coming in to your router, and allocate maximum percentages of that bandwidth for each QoS service.The rest of the parameters in this section are dependent on this connection type.Microsoft Internet Explorer requires the SVG plugin from the Adobe SVG Viewer download area.The Real-Time Bandwidth section displays a chart, updated every two seconds, of the last 10 minutes of bandwidth used.Since P2P applications rarely drop connections gracefully, they need to depend on the router to time out their connections for them.The default timeout is 2 seconds, with a 1 second delay between attempts.

Gives a summary of the settings related to the Local Area Network, and the MAC Address for the wired portion of the network.Controls the various means that can be used to access the router for administrative purposes.

Useful for displaying the contents of a previously saved history file.Basic Rate: Sets mandatory rate list transmitted by the AP which must be supported in order to connect.

The wait time for established connections before the connection is forgotten and removed from the NAT table.These logs will consume router memory, but may be viewed directly on the router itself.If you have just flashed your router, you need to ensure that the previous firmware settings have been cleared from the NVRAM to avoid conflicts.Most DDNS providers offer a free personal account for you to use.NTP Time Servers may request that Tomato block them from being used in the future.

How to Install Tomato Firmware on NETGEAR WNR3500Lv2. Power up your newly flashed Tomato router.The Overview screen shows information on the current state of the router.Router Linksys - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online.

L7 (Layer 7, third row): A sophisticated filter that can classify a number of applications.If unchecked, the router will not respond to pings from the WAN.